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The CarbonOxy is a unique device for measuring CO2 and O2 on a Euro Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Carbon Dioxide is measured using the dual wavelength technique (NDIR - Non-Dispersive Infra Red) while Oxygen is measured using Zirconium Oxide. This combination ensures a quick response time along with elimination of interference from other gases.

With various DIP switches on the circuit board, the response time for the analyzer can be adjusted between 1 to 10 seconds. It is possible to do automatic temperature correction or zero point adjustment can be made. The entire circuit board is constantly monitored by a microcontroller and LEDs in various colors can indicate alarm states and out of range values.

The power consumption of the combination is maximum of 6 watts and hence is suitable for a portable, compact measuring device. All electronics meet the latest European EMV regulations.


Specific to CO2 and O2 -- no interference from other gases
No reference gases are needed
Long lifespan
Stable operations
Low power consumption
Compact device


Horticulture green houses
Fruit storage
Mushroom farming
Food packaging
Livestock Husbandry
Landfill gas monitoring

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