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Detects ultrafine carbon aerosols in real-time
Lightweight, compact and ruggedized construction
Battery powered with onboard data storage
Applications related to personal exposure in various environments (homes, workplace, automobiles, tunnels etc.)
Companion product to the DC 2200CE --- the DC 2200CE measures ALL particulate matter, the PAS 2200CE measures PAH (primarily on carbonaeous matter)

Measuring Principle

The PAS 2000 works on the following principles:
• Using an Excimer lamp the aerosol flow is exposed to UV radiation. The Excimer lamp offers a high intensity, narrowband source of UV radiation. The wavelength of the light is chosen such that only the carbon aerosols are ionized, while gas molecules and non-carbon aerosols remain neutral.
• The carbon aerosol particles emit electrons, which are subsequently removed when an electric field is applied.
• The remaining positively charged particles are collected on a filter inside an electrometer, where the charge is measured. The resulting electric current establishes a signal, which is proportional to the concentration of Elemental Carbon and/ or PAH.
Also by operating the Excimer lamp in a chopped mode, the PAS 2000 can eliminate the background signal, which is associated with freshly generated aerosols. The chopped mode also enables a dynamic zero to be generated automatically by the instrument.


Source-specific calibration curves are available or can be generated where the monitor output is compared to an analytically determined EC and PAH concentration. A site-specific calibration curve can provide greater accuracy for the particle size, charge and compound-specific to the source. In addition to the site-specific curves, an approximate universal calibration curve can be used for screening and real-time trending applications.

Technical Specification

Display: 16 characters with 2 lines LED
Power: 115 volts AC / 60 Hz & 220 volts AC / 50 HzMax.
Battery: 15 volts Lithium Metal Hydride
Range : 0 to 4000 ng/m3 (conversion to particle-surface area is site-specific)
Sensitivity: ~ 10 ng/m3 (actual calibration is site-specific)
Lower Threshold: ~ 10 ng/m3
Response time: < 10 seconds (adjustable)
Digital Output: RS - 232 (for data download and program upload)
Analog Output: 0 to 10 volts
Sample gas: Built-in pump with flowrate controlled at 1 L/min
Operating temp: 40 to 104 ºF (5 to 40ºC)
Dimensions: Height x Width x Depth = 3in x 7in x 5in ( 68mm x 175mm x 124mm )
Weight: 3 lb. ( 1.5 kg )
Data Storage: 8000 data points (each data point consisting of : Time, Value )
Data Download: User-friendly PC-compatible graphical software used for downloading the collected data. Flat ASCII file output can also be generated for further analysis (e.g. Microsoft Excel format)

Technical Papers

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